Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hello friends...

Sorry folks since i was busy with some personals i was not able to write out my mind in here ...

we have seen the present scenario of human psychology.. we usually hear people saying 'why is that my life is full of misery'.... or 'iam the only person who undergoes so much misery in life'.. we tend to blame others for our misery in life,, is this right???

we are solely responsible for all our miseries in life . when we take the responsibility we tend to stop blaming others for our miseries and that would make a drastic change in life.

We all go through our misery with a hope that it will end soon. first we should give up thinking about the end of misery, instead we should start thinking that it has already ended. By doing so , we tend to forget about the misery and enjoy the present.

It sounds very simple right?? but is it simple to follow?

our life has become too mechanical. we keep worrying about present miseries and this has become a habit of ours. We have been conditioned to wait for happiness to come .

We should unlearn what we have learnt and learn new ways of thinking and doing.

We always worry about the regrets and guilt feelings in our life. instead of worryin we can learn from mistakes and give up the feelings of being guilty. i hope this wud surely make us happy.

we all are conditioned with certain thoughts and attitudes. When some new thoughts to which we are not conditioned comes to us we tend to feel uncomfortable.
We all are the prisoners of our own conditioning,because of our conditioning we feel the misery.


SIMPLE. just be happy. enjoy the present. we should see the good in others. rejoice in other's success . we should not consider ourself as a failure in terms of others success. everyone is unique.

we should keep our mind calm . say "NO" to negative thoughts . this is the most simple way for being happy .

So friends don't feel so much for ur miseries i life. just sit back , enjoy the present. Life has been so good to us. so feel it and be grateful to the beautiful gift of GOD.- "OUR LIFE"...

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  1. mam :) awesome those tips wer really useful.. its so practicall wat all u ve mentioned.. thnx mam :)
    i ll try implemintin whole lot in ma life :)

    ~ Jc ~