Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello friends ...

Instead of making psychology in notes form i thought i wud mingle our daily experiences with psychology and find out reason for our actions ...

ENLIGHTENED LIVING this happens wen one is completely aware of what he does and why he does ..

Life is filled with surprises and each surprise is the gift from the unknown .We can't experience a surprise as a gift as our minds are filled with preconceived notion of what we shud receive and what we should not .

Why is that we expect a lot from life???? Life is an unexpected thing .Anything may happen any time . Sometimes it brings us joy ,sometimes sorrow ..

Can student who dint prepare well for the exam, can he expect distinction ??? same way life is if we are not giving our best then we wont get the best out of it .

I have seen people afraid to take risky decisions in life ॥ i pity them । i always feel we shud be bold enough to take risks in our life . When we are aware of the consequences y shud we stop ourself? Life is only once so lets make the best use of it .. at the end of life we shud not feel that we have wasted it ...

I always wonder why is that i feel bored most of the time when i have so much to do .. we all have this kinda feeling sometime .. this happens because we have taken life for granted and we are indifferent to the mysteries of life. so we tend to give least importance to small things that happen in life .

Do we have time to see sun rising so gracefully ? Do we have time to listen to the chirping of birds ?These may sound odd but if we give it a time to think this would do miracles in our life..

will continue enlightened living ...........

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